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USTO Oran,  5 - 7 May 2018
Industrial exhibition
Specific IDL 2018 exhibition

In parallel to the conference, there will be an exhibition presenting a wide range of products and services related to optics and photonics.

Companies from all over the world can show their latest technologies, encompassing new materials, devices, systems, networks and services

Moreover, this exhibition is an important RDV between young researchers in the field and the industry.

OPAL 2018 offers a professional and friendly exhibition in the heart of the conference.

The exhibition is located at the entrance of the auditorium with a unique space exposure, poster sessions and the appointment of the conference coffee breaks

An exhibition space consisting of stands built in the mid poster sessions where exhibitors can choose to book stands 3x3 m2, with all standard equipment (table, chairs, lighting & electricity) and customizable

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Booking information
Stand booking includes one subscription to the conference
Additionnal person, please contact us
OPAL 2018 will also hosts a special exhibition devoted to the International Day of Light  2018.
Historical instruments of optics as well as setups for large public will be presented in collaboration with Ibn al Haytham International LHiSA society.
Download the IDL 2018 registration form

Submission closed
Under the auspice of the Ministry of High Education and Research

Optical and Photonics Algerian Society (OPALS)

University of Science and Technology of Oran   Mohamed Boudiaf (USTO)

USTO Oran (Algeria), 5th - 7th May 2018